Interstate Network

generalized optimistic roll-up to drive adoption and scalability of Ethereum


Seamlessly integrate into your project

Write your code in Solidity as if you’re deploying to mainnet, no SDK required

Decentralized and secure

Full coverage of EVM fraud proofs to verify state transitions with no complex set-up

Layer 1 data availability

Data is always available on Ethereum mainnet to allow fraud proofs to occur

Scalability before Eth 2.0

Achieve >100 TPS for generalized compute today, with further optimizations possible


Team member

Ray Pulver

Founding CTO of IDEX exchange, a top-5 dapp on Ethereum. Finalist of EthNewYork and EthBoston 2019. Masters in CS from University of Rhode Island.

Team member

Dillon Kellar

Self-taught programmer with 6 years of experience in C++, node.js, Solidity and more. Been involved with crypto since 15. Finalist of EthNewYork for exeDAO.

Team member

Andy Zhu

7+ years of product management and growth experience. Previously VP of Growth at NinjaRMM, grew revenue to 100m and expanded to 100+ employees.